Are you just starting to toy with the idea of leaving the classroom? You’re curious about what job options are available to you and how to determine if you could actually be successful. Does this sound like you?


Are you confident a side hustle is in your future? You know the choices are endless, but you want specific direction choosing YOUR best option based on your unique needs & goals. Does this sound like you?


Are you ready to leave the classroom? You know you want to do something other than traditional classroom teaching, but you need help creating a definitive timeline & custom exit strategy. Does this sound like you?

strategic resources for you

Resources & Tools designed to meet you right where you are & help you make forward progress on your unique path at your specific pace.

Stage 01

If you’re just beginning to think about leaving the classroom & you want to know what kinds of opportunities are out there, start with these podcast episodes.

Stage 02

If you’re confident that you want to start a side hustle, but you aren’t sure which one is going to be the BEST fit for you, start with these side hustle resources!!

Stage 03

If you know you’re ready to leave the classroom, but you need strategic guidance on the best way to accomplish your goal, start here!!