Practical strategies for teachers

Teaching is part of who you are, but the climate of education has changed.  
You love your kids, but the pressure is just too much.  Yet what other options are there?
The idea of leaving the classroom is terrifying because you don’t know how to leave or how to replace your salary. 
And the truth is, finding your lane outside of the classroom can be tough!
…but that’s where I come in.
I create concrete plans & thoughtful exit strategies for teachers who want to replace their salary outside the classroom. 
Trust me, you can be successful without ever stepping foot back into a physical classroom & I’m here to show you how!

Classroom Teaching

Find tips & tricks to simplify your teaching so you can open space in your schedule for building your side hustle.

Starting a Side Hustle

Learn how to establish a side hustle that will allow you to exit the classroom whenever you are ready.

Exiting the classroom

Discover what you need to put in place that will empower you to leave the classroom on your terms.

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hi there, I’m Jennifer!

Former classroom teacher turned homeschooling mom, TpT seller, website designer, blogger, podcaster, & classroom exit strategy specialist.

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education & spending 2 years in the classroom, I left my teaching position to become a stay-at-home mom. But losing my salary meant our family income was cut in half & we quickly found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck…just barely scraping by.

However, the year my youngest started kindergarten, I returned to the classroom & we were able to save my paycheck each month since we’d learned to live on less. After 3 years, I found myself exiting the classroom again…but this time it was to homeschool my boys & become and online business owner.

Honestly, I had no idea leaving the classroom TWICE would be the springboard that launched me directly into helping other teachers exit the classroom on their terms with a strategic action plan & career path…but here we are & I can’t wait to serve you!!